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  • Anna on the radio!

    An interview and three songs on SWR with Michael Saunders on 2.2.2014 between 6pm and 8pm on the show ‘Music from across the country’ (SWR4 music and entertainment).

  • ‘Just 17′ has arrived!

    You can order Anna’s first album ‘Just 17’  right here in the shop!

  • Anna in the studio

    Working in the studio in 2013 was a lot of fun! It was an exceptional experience to record my music. My gratitude goes out to the Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg. They’ve supported me on the highest level! I had two wonderful days in the studio and ‘Just 17’ is the result!



With her music she expresses her world and imagination in lyrics and melody.  The contents of the songs either speak directly from her soul, are little stories or simply lyrical images. It can also be a small everyday scene which she discovers with her extraordinarily profound view and processes it in a sophisticated way in her music.

My music is my outlet. I can pour everything into it. However it isn’t always about me but about things and emotions which I discover around me.

In a poetic way they they encourage the listener to ponder and enjoy the music that enters both ear and heart. After her first Just17 songs, she increasingly sings her new repertoire and is in the middle of new recordings like “Hey Boy”, which Esslingen’s newspaper describes in May 2017 after a small visit to the studio as follows: “… sung with a fairy voice over the one Touch of melancholy floats. The composition is so charming, as if it were not of this world.”

You can see and hear more from Anna: YOUTUBE



Anna Jente is a 22 year old young musician from the area around Stuttgart. She grew up with family music and she has always loved to sing. At the age of five she began to take classical piano lessons. From the beginning the piano was her main instrument. ‘I simply adore playing the piano.’

I can’t imagine my life without singing and playing the piano!

When she was in primary school she started to compose her first small piano pieces. Over the years it changed into improvised playing with covered pieces. She suddenly felt like writing songs and could not stop. However in 2011 she started to compose her own songs. In the meantime she has composed numerous songs, which she presents alongside her teaching studies on various occasions.




If you like my music and you’ve got questions or want more information don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can send me a message or a request.






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